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About Us & Studio

Marmaris Ink Tattoo Studio was founded in 2009. Since then every year we worked harder and obviously we improved ourselves. Now I can easily say we are one of the most well-organized tattoo studios of the country. And you can easily see we have hundreds and thousands of happy people from all over the world especially from the UK and Northern Ireland, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Rusia, Germany, Italy, Greece, Romania, Poland and so on. I remember many happy faces. If you wanna leave with good memories and if you want to be a part of our family please join us.


Got my first tattoo done here last night. Very clean and modern shop, the staff were professional, friendly and very fun to hang out with, not to mention the modest price tag. I wouldn't recommend any other tattoo parlor, by far the best shop in Marmaris, this is the place to get it done! I look forward to getting some more ink on my next visit to Marmaris. Çok, çok teşekür ederim, Ismail Abi!! Eline Sağlık! 31st October 2017

Ati Yılmaz

Love this shop, people are very kind and honest, got a cover over cover-up and I'm very happy with the result! I also definitely recommend this studio... Thank you, Ismail. We come back to your studio. 23th September 2017

Just Bien

Absolutely brilliant. Best in Marmaris. Highly recommended Marmaris Ink. I won't be using anyone else again in Marmaris only him. I am chuffed to bits with my tattoo. He did a better job than the picture I showed him. 13th September 2017

Angie Cockayne

Awesome shop, got two tattoos and I'm very happy with the results. I will definitely recommend this studio. 23th August 2017

Jeppe Gamborg Kjærsgaard


  • Gülsüm Aybars

    Gülsüm is our Permanent makeup artist. She does all filling, microblading & microshading styles. Portfolio
  • İsmail Akbulut

    İsmail is specialzed in linework based tattoos but also prefer realistic, colorful portraits. Portfolio
  • Serdar Bayar

    Serdar Bayar is speacilized in realistic works, and some black and grey and colorful tattoos.
  • Hakan Dinç

    Hakan Dinç is specialized on line work based tattoos. Like polynesian, geometrical, traditional, american traditional, old school, neo traditional. Portfolio
  • David Rogers

    David Rogers is speacialized in realistic, black & grey, traditional, american traditional and old school tattoos. Portfolio
  • Sadık Çalışkan

    Sadık is able to do all sorts of tattoos but he is speacilized in & prefer to do realistic tattoos. PortfolioPortfolioPortfolio
  • Metin Topaloğlu

    Metin T. is one of our new member. He is a talented apprentice. He does lineworks and black&grey tattoos. PortfolioPortfolio


How to Do Tattoo Treatment

There are 3 processes of a perfect tattoo. First one is before getting the tattoo. Your skin needs to be as close as to its natural color. So the tattooist will able to shade and color with the correct tones.

The second one is while you are getting the tattoo. This part is totally about tattooist. They need to work gently so you will have fewer risks about the tattoo healing process.

The last part is Tattoo Treatment. If the first 2 conditions are ok, then you have one thing left to do. Take care of your tattoo good. You definitely need to wash your tattoo one in the morning one at night for 1 week/10 days. Then you need to keep it moisturized.

notice that: If you have any other problem with infection then better get in touch with your tattoo artist. The problems usually occur after the third day. If you have the infection on your tattoo probably you will need to use something strong like pomades (cream with the antibiotic in it).

I can’t afford too expensive tattoos.

It’s quite normal. In the end, you are coming from long distances for a holiday. You might have a budget for a tattoo. In that case, you need to check our website and social media ( Instagram & Facebook pages) for our very reasonable tattoos. If you find anything similar to what you want then just pay online for some of it. This will be your deposit so we can keep the tattoo artist’s time for you for the day you want.

Do you do any kind of piercings?

We do almost all the piercings except oral ones and micro dermal. You will be able to get;

  • Eyebrow
  • Lip Piercing
  • Septum Piercing
  • Tragus Piercing
  • Scaffold Piercing
  • Anti Tragus Piercing
  • Rook Piercing
  • Daith Piercing
  • Lobe Earing
  • 2nd Lobe Earing
  • Snug Piercing
  • Helix Piercing
  • Auricle Piercing
  • Belly Button Piercing
  • Nipple Piercing
How come Piercings got infection?

There is a complication about piercings. They can rather get infected from outside and also they can get infected from the body itself. Usually the studios and chemists advise anti-bacterial creams, unfortunately, this is not enough. Because antibacterial protect you from the infections that come out of your body. And they needed to be not strong infections. But your own body can cause infections. Do you wanna learn why? Because your body refuses those little shining metals. They make war against them. And those yellow dirty liquids are defenses of your body. To win against them you needed to be using something strong. Like pomade. Pomades are effective creams including antibiotic in it. If you use pomades there will hardly be an infection risk.

Someone told us how bad you are.

Sorry but this is completely a lie. First of all, of course, we can also do mistakes or we might not satisfy our guests with our work but in any way, we are the best studio in Marmaris soooooo far. If we can’t do a tattoo then you will hardly find a better solution then us.

Most people who work in Marmaris recommends different studios and do not care how bad is studio because they only care about the commission they will get from this. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to give %30-50 commission to those people for per tattoo they recommend. So we will not be recommended by hotel workers, entertainment teams, beach boys, bartenders, etc.

The only recommendations you would trust people who do it non-commercial, social media or our reviews.

do you do custom works?

We do draw custom designs and combine custom design on designing programmes. We only need you to tell us what do you want on your body. Because we can draw but we cannot decide for you. You need to tell us about the details of your imaginary design.

How will I know you are recommended?

This is the biggest fear of our guests. You all come from very different countries, and from their very different cities, towns, and villages. So you are curious about how good we are. Thanks to you, we have nothing to be afraid of. Almost about all social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tripadvisor and Yelp,  Marmaris Ink Tattoo Studio is the top recommended studio in Marmaris. And we already have chosen best tattoo studio of the Muğla Region.

But this is not very enough on its own. As we always mention “We’re not trying to do cheaper, we’re trying to do better”. And one more thing. Please review for us whatever you experienced in our studio. So you’ll guide the people for a good studio to get the tattoo or you’ll guide for us to behave and improve ourselves.

When is the best time to get tattoo?

We recommend you to book as soon as possible for the last day or the last day before. Then you will enjoy the days of your holiday until the very end. Along with that, you need to visit our studio for the details of the designs, like how big it will be where would it be gorgeous the best etc.

Why should I prefer Marmaris Ink?

From the day Marmaris Ink Tattoo Studio is founded to the day I reply to this question, Marmaris Ink only aimed to do their best. Off course we were not where we wanted to be but each day we worked harder and now I can easily say we are one of the best compact tattoo studios of the country. We can do almost all sorts of tattoo styles because we have experienced and talented tattoo artists. Our unfortunate problem is we are right in the middle of the cheapest but unethical tattoo studios. So I cannot and I shouldn’t promise the cheapest prices but I can only promise you that you cannot buy our quality any cheaper.

How much would it cost for a tattoo?

In Marmaris, there are plenty of tattoo studios. Almost all of them work for the season, and almost none of them has a stable price policy. Most of them fixed to do tattoo cheaper. But our aim is more to do it better than cheaper. Nevertheless, You will able to get quite reasonable prices from our talented apprentices too. But I must say our headmasters are not in that price range.

As headmasters, we mainly price for the size and details of the tattoo. Headmasters are working for £50-80 for per hour due to their skills on the tattoo style. Other tattoo artists, including apprentices, work £15-35 for per hour.

Contact Us

If you’re getting a tattoo because you’re drunk or high, rebellious or your friends are goading you, then you’re getting a tattoo for all the wrong reasons and the choice you make is likely to reflect this lack of forethought. Avoid this reckless reasons and get in touch with us for a real piece of art with us.

Address: Siteler Mah. Kemal Seyfettin Elgin Bulv. 54/14           LongBeach Marmaris-Turkey

Whatsapp: +90 532 642 5791

Working Hours;
Monday    10:00am – 1.30am
Tuesday    10:00am – 1.30am
Wednesday 10:00am – 1.30am
Thursday   10:00am – 1.30am
Friday      10:00am – 1.30am
Saturday   10:00am – 1.30am
Sunday    10:00am – 1.30am

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